The Glasses

The idea to create eco-friendly and sustainable sunglasses came in January of 2014. We wanted to create the highest quality bamboo sunglasses on the market. These glasses were to not only designed to have an extremely low impact on the ecosystem, but also be the least expensive and most high quality bamboo sunglasses on the market. Not only are you helping the environment by wearing 1/E sunglasses, but you look good doing it!

1st/Element sunglasses are handcrafted from locally sourced bamboo. 1/E was created to reduce the environmental impact that traditional sunglasses creates on the world. For every 10 pairs sold, we will donate enough money to save 1 acre of land through Conservation International. Join with us to make a difference!

The Name

When we were in the early stages of 1/E and were looking for a name, Matt Anderson decided to draw from our roots. The name 1st/Element represents what all of our glasses are made of – Bamboo. In traditional Asian cultures, the first element is Wood.

The Team

Adam Weber

Adam Weber founded 1st/Element in January of 2014. He wanted to create handcrafted sunglasses that not only were affordable, but also helped the environment at the same time. Adam is currently a student at Michigan Tech University. Outside of college, Adam enjoys hiking, skiing, and photography.

Matt Anderson

 Matt Anderson, our VP of Sales and Marketing, has been with 1st/Element since day 1. From coming up with the name 1st/Element  to making key decisions on product styling, Matt is an integral part of this team. When not busy attending class at University of Michigan or designing and building killer shades, Matt can be found on a ski hill, target range, or a boat.